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Starlight Rewards Card
  • Earn points on most transactions
  • Redeem points for free tickets and concessions
  • Save $1.50 on single drink combos
  • Save $3.00 on two drink combos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket FAQs

Does MoviePass work with Starlight Cinemas?

MoviePass is compatible with all Starlight Cinemas locations. 

How do I refund my tickets?

You can refund tickets purchased online at the physical Starlight Cinemas location for which you have purchased these tickets.

For tickets purchased in-person at any Starlight Cinemas location, or for online ticket purchases you wish to refund in-person, you can refund your tickets by speaking with a Starlight Cinemas employee at the box office. Please have your physical tickets ready if you wish to make this refund. 

Please note that under normal circumstances, monetary refunds can only be given on the same day within the first 30 minutes of the show time listed on your ticket stub. 

Theater Policy FAQs

What is the policy for Rated R movies?

All Starlight Cinemas locations enforce the MPAA R rating. 

Persons under 17 must be accompanied throughout the entire feature by an adult 21 or over for any R-rated feature. ID is required. Persons aged 17 to 20 may purchase tickets only for themselves for any R-rated feature. 

Underage persons caught in R-rated features without an accompanying parent will be asked to leave the complex. No refunds will be given. Additionally, children 3 and under will not be admitted to any R-rated feature at any time.

Movie FAQs

What are the movies and showtimes at my local Starlight Cinemas theater?

Find out what's currently playing at any given Starlight Cinemas location by clicking here! Select your desired theater to view showtimes.

What movies are coming soon to Starlight Cinemas?

Find out what's coming soon at any given Starlight Cinemas location by clicking here! If tickets are on sale for your desired movie, showtimes will appear and you will be able to purchase tickets for your desired location. 

How do I get notified when tickets go on sale?

Sign up for Starlight Rewards to get email updates and notifications when tickets go on sale. 

Starlight Rewards FAQs

Is there really no charge to join Starlight Rewards program?

Yes, there is absolutely no required purchase or fee to join Starlight Rewards! You can begin earning points immediately upon activating your account.

How do I earn points?

Earn points simply by presenting your Rewards card when you make any purchases at the box office or concession stand. You'll earn 10 points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases, but being a Starlight Rewards member means you'll be privy to offers and deals that allow you to earn extra points during special events.

How do I keep track of the points I've earned?

You can keep track of your points on your online Starlight Rewards account, via the official Starlight Rewards app, and every time you receive our members-only Starlight Rewards emails. You can ask any employee after they've swiped your card, too!

Can I use my points when I make purchases online or through the Starlight Cinemas app?

As long as you are signed in to your Starlight Rewards account online and in the app, you can earn and redeem points for purchases made there.

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