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Extreme Presentation Experience


Witness EPEX for yourself to see how it defies your average movie theater experience, but be warned: once you make your next movie an EPEX feature, you may never go back.


What You'll See

Currently available exclusively at our Dos Lagos Luxury Theatres location in Corona, our EPEX format features our largest screen at an incredible 70x40 foot dimension. State of the art 4K laser projection makes for vibrant and crystal clear colors with rich, deep blacks. Our EPEX screen is fully 3D capable with an ultra crisp, high frame rate for select films available in this format. Any movie is a visual masterpiece on our daunting EPEX screen!

What You'll Hear

Our EPEX house is equipped with an expansive Dolby Atmos® system. Feel Dolby Atmos® sound move through you with 75 speakers circling your theater seat. Read more about Dolby Atmos® by clicking here

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